Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Post and Giveaway!

I'm officially starting a new blog. It will look different than our family blog and rightly so - it's not going to be about our family! On this blog I'm going to post our menus, recipes, deals around town and some product reviews. I hope you're as excited as I am - I think it will be so much fun to share all of that with ya'll! I love to cook for my family and am always looking for fun new ways to make dinner and save a dollar here and there - I bet you do to! It won't be as detailed as other blogs are as far as the deals are concerned, but I do want to share things I stumble across along the way! To start things off with a boom let's do a Giveaway! The TWO winners of this contest will be selected by random.org and will win their choice of an Apple Cinnamon or Bayberry Spice Scented oil candle and warmer! Winners will be announced Monday, November 30th. Want to win? Just leave a comment - any comment with your contact email and which scent you want!


Rachel said...

Bethany, I love how you blog!!! I love reading all your menu ideas and whats going on in the world of saving a few bucks!!! Im totally down for Apple Cinnamon.... and Im at hippymama22@hotmail.com

Courtney said...

Of course I would enter! Ha ha. Did you know that as of Labor Day weekend we have known each other for 10 years!! Looking forward to reading your new blog. I love the other one too.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you started another blog because I LOVE your first one. I can't wait to see pics of cute baby Luke.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and I'd go for either one!

Katherine Maxey said...

leaving a commment....love the deals...just started really doing the coupon thing at publix...have always planned menus and meals and love living by a schedule! never hear of bayberry scent but sounds worth a try! e-mail is katherineandmattmaxey@yahoo.com


Anna said...

Hey! Love the new blog. I left a comment earlier, guess it didn't work! I love a prize so if I am a winner, I'll take whatever the other person does not want - cause I like them both!

annacoleman21 at gmail dot com!!


Laura said...

dude. I want a candle! lol. I just finished reading your potato blog and I totally agree that is the best way to cook them. The tortalini (um, I spelled that wrong) looked a.mazing.

anyway. Best of luck with the new set up - I'll be visiting often.

Laura said...

geez - it would help if I read the instructions first, huh?

eenie meenie miney mo...

apple cinnamon!


Anonymous said...


I love reading your blog and have recently began planning my meals out for the week after reading your "meal plan" idea! It has been a great addition to our week by knowing what I am going to cook that night! I look forward to reading and incorporating new recipes that I can cook!

Either candle for me would work...I love candles!



shelly said...

Ooh, Apple Cinnamon sounds wonderful! Happy thanksgiving:)