Friday, April 30, 2010

behind the scenes

Our grocery experience may be a little misleading since I usually only post pictures of my Kroger shopping trip (since I do the Kroger Delta Match-ups for Money Saving Mom). While Kroger is my main stop shop, I do go to other stores including our local Aldi once a week for fresh produce. I promise we do eat fresh produce...and a lot of it! If you don't have an Aldi, they have GREAT prices on produce. When Kroger or Schnucks (my other grocery option) isn't having a sale on produce I get it from there. Here is my purchase from today minus the pineapple left in the car. If I had bought this at Kroger this week my total would have been $20 instead of the $10 I paid:

Add this with my shopping trip from Kroger this week plus 4 bottles of $0.50 Old Orchard Apple Juice and 2 1/2 lbs of organic apples I got from Schnucks on tuesday and you have a very well balanced week of groceries. While I was at target yesterday, I spotted some marked down lean ground beef for $1.99 (reg 3.99), a jar of bertolli alfredo sauce for $1.12 after coupon and some smuckers all fruit spread that I decided to stockpile. In keeping in line with my pre-set goal of $60 here is our total for the week:

Kroger: $32.55
Schnucks: $6.24
Aldi: $10.12
Target: $15.79
Total Spent: $64.70... oooops
Total Savings: $98.76 or 60% not too shabby :)

I was $5 over for the week but we use a cash system and I had the extra $5 left over from last week to use as stockpile money. Since I got some GREAT deals on meat this week I doubt I'll have to spend as much next week. How did ya'll do this week? Any super great grocery finds? Do you use a cash system or stockpile? I'd love to hear what your grocery profile looks like!

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