Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Groceries 5/11

Here is my coupon run to Schnucks. I know, I'm a big hypocrite from this post, but I send brownies and cakes to my husbands work all the time and free, cheap and quick is speaking to me for those times! We don't drink lifewater or those types of beverages but I have friends and family that do and like to have the option when they come to visit.
Free: 4 bags of croutons, 3 Lifewater, frosting
$1 or less: Cookie Mix $0.20, Crescents $0.30, Bread $0.39, Dressing $0.50, Brownies $0.62 each, organic baby food $0.67

Total before sales and coupons: $28.36
Total paid: $3.31
Total saved: $25.05 or 88%
Here is my run to Kroger. Much better. Almost completely lacking of processed food. I was really pleased with this run. I was able to get 20 very large bananas for $1.98 so that was wonderful. Thanks to reader Rebekah for the great idea, a lot of these will go into the freezer for smoothies. Best part is all of them were still perfect, not mushy at all.
I only used 4 coupons on everything pictured so to save over 50% on meat, fruit and dairy is great! My favorite find was this all natural ground beef marked down to $1.99! It falls under my $2 or less per lb for meat rule and it's normally over $5 each! These will make fab hamburgers :)
I also had a free bag loaded to my card from the design your own bag event Kroger had on their website. I love taking my own bags to the store, do you?
Free: reusable grocery bag
$1 or less: garlic $0.50, 2 cartons of eggs $0.88 each, 2 bags of bananas $0.99 each, bag of grapes $0.99, trail mix $1
Other: tropicana OJ $1.38, buttermilk $1.49, Kraft Cheese $1.50 each, Strawberries $1.50, Ice Cream $1.88, Organic Milk $1.89, Private Selection Natural Ground Beef $1.99 each, 8lb bag of oranges $4.99 (0.74/lb)

Total before sales and coupons: $64.30
Total paid: $29.30
Total Saved: $35 or 55%


Anonymous said...

Do you peel the bananas and cut them into pieces to freeze them for smoothies or freeze them as is?

Courtney said...

How did you only pay $1.89 for Horizon milk?! I usually get the Greenwise gallon at Publix if it has a decent expiration date. If not I pay $3.29 on base for a 1/2 gallon of Horizon!

Bethany said...

I wanna know how you got Horizon milk that cheap, too! I can't ever find it for so low...

Bethany said...

This past week at Kroger they had half gallons of Horizon on sale for $2.99 - our Kroger doubles up to .60 and the horizon site had .55 coupons. So -
2.99 - sale
-0.55 doubled (1.10)
= $1.89!
I was wishing I could have bought the store out :)

As far as the bananas go, I'm thinking I should peel and cut? What do ya'll think?

Courtney said...

It's the commissary everything is (supposed) to be cheaper. Ha ha!

I say at least peel. You don't want to be fighting the peel off the banana. lol

Anonymous said...

I cannot figure out when to go to Kroger to get the marked down produce (yellow stickers). Sometimes I find things and sometimes I don't. Do you know when the best time is to get the reduced fruit/veggies.

Anna said...

Geez, I thought I had passed that banana trick along a while back :(. Nanny told me it years ago when I fussed about having to throw away brown bananas. She said "Nooo child, peel them and freeze them and they are great for smoothies"!! They are good when they are overripe cause they are extra sweet. But you can also use them in banana bread or muffins. They work just fine!
Oh and you can freeze them unpeeled but I like to peel them personally, makes it easier for me later!


Bethany said...

I haven't really found a specific day that they mark down, although I've heard other people say that their store does have specific days. I find the best markdowns first thing in the morning, around 930ish. You can always ask the people working in the produce or meat dept and I bet they would be more than happy to let you know if there is a specific pattern to markdowns - the more they move off the shelves, the better for them!

And thanks Missy. I now have a freezer of fab bananas to enjoy for a while!