Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Do you love Avocados as much as I do? I love guacamole and I also love them sliced up on a sandwich or in salads. So yum! The problem is that if you get one that is too ripe it tastes horrible - the same goes for when they aren't ripe enough. The too ripe problem is one I can't help you with but I do have a tip for ones that aren't ripe enough! Here is a trick that I tried for myself and works wonderfully:

On Monday I bought two packs of avocados because they were such a good deal and I knew we'd make good use of them this week. The problem? All of their packs were bright green! How in the world was I supposed to eat a green avocado? Well, I heard a trick long ago that I had never tried until now. I took one pack and put them in the fridge and the other pack I opened and put in a dark corner in my laundry room. The next day I went in to find 4 perfectly ripened avocados! Just to see if it was the trick or if the day just made that much difference I grabbed one out of the fridge to compare.

The one on the left is the fridge 'cado and is still as green and unripe as the day I bought it. The one on the right? Perfection :)

How can you tell if an avocado is ripe? The color should be a blue/black color and should just slightly yield when you press on it.


Heather said...

Thanks for the info! I loooooove avocados! I'll have to do this next time because a lot of times I go to buy them and they are all bright green so I always just pass 'em up.

Courtney said...

Oh girl I could of told you it was a guarantee. We love us some avocados.