Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Coupons? Yes, Please!

Money Saving Mom recently showed everyone 10 Ways to get Coupons for Free and going to your local recycling center is one of them. Watch as I take you to mine and show you the gold mine that it can be!


Amy said...

Where do you live, and can I come visit??? The only place we've found to do this is at the county dump where they keep the newspapers in big refrigerator boxes. So you have to climb into them if you really want to dig. LOL!

Bethany said...

Amy - I live in NW Arkansas now and come visit any time! When we lived in the Memphis area there was nothing like this that I could find anywhere! My best option was the Red Plum that is delivered for free in the mail, some apartment complexes will have a giant box of inserts just sitting in front of the mail boxes - but it's a gamble and who knows when the boxes will be there.

I am thinking of starting a coupon train though and sharing the love - I obviously could never use all of these coupons! Feel free to email me specific ones you are looking for with your mailing address and I'll see what I can do!