Friday, July 30, 2010

James Bond Eats Lunch

So today I'm channeling my inner James Bond - all thanks to the Fed Ex man. My husband is re-reading that line as we speak - ha! As soon as I finally got my kids down for a nap today my doorbell rings. Musafussa, who is ringing my doorbell! And then I open my door to this:
Some crazy styrofoam box with steam coming out of the sides. No kidding! As I look closer I see that it is to be considered 'dangerous goods' I'm sorry, what?
Well, it's already in my house so I might as well open it. Oh, a lean pocket. I completely forgot about this random survey I did a while back that said, "would you be willing to answer further questions after trying one of our new products" Why yes, yes I will.
It's a new form of Lean Pockets with a soft baked pretzel crust and after James Bond defused this bomb I can honestly say it was really good!
I love spicy food and even I thought this was quite spicy. So, if that's not your thing make sure you try one of the other varieties, that if I remember correctly, all involved mustard of some sort (Ham, Cheese and Mustard, etc). There you have it folks. Doesn't take much to conjure up some excitement in this girls life. :)

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