Friday, August 27, 2010

Do You Swag?!

Search & Win

Do you search through SwagBucks? If not - you need to get started! Here's how it works - Swagbucks is a site that will reward you for doing searches. It really is that simple. You use it like you would google or yahoo and will get random swagbucks that you can accumulate to spend on prizes. Best part is today is Mega Swag Bucks day (every friday) and you could instantly win 1000 swagbucks with 1 search! I love to buy the $5 amazon gift cards that cost only 450 Swagbucks. This is pretty easy since you usually earn about 40 swagbucks a day. It's very possible to earn two $5 gift cards each month - I have "earned" $75 in amazon gift cards since january! So, why am I mentioning this now? The holiday season is coming up and Amazon will run some amazing toy deals around $5 each and who couldn't use some free money to spend on presents for your loved ones? Not interested in Amazon? That's ok - they have TONS of other gift cards and prizes to choose from. What are you waiting for?! Get started searching and grab your gift cards before the Amazon deals start rolling in :)

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