Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kroger Shopping Trip Idea

Here is a plan to get the most out of your money and take advantage of all of the Catalina Deals and overage this week. As always, if you have coupons not listed or do not like/need these items just rearrange as needed to fit your shopping needs :)

Transaction #1
Buy Dr Pepper/AW Dessert Topper - $2.79
use the $0.75 ecoupon
plus use the $0.55/1 paper coupon from the 6/13 Smart Source
pay $0.94 plus tax
Get back a $2.50 Catalina

Transaction #2
Buy 11 Crayons (0.25 each) - $2.75
pay with $2.50 catalina from transaction #1
Pay $0.25 plus tax
Get back $4 Catalina

Transaction #3
Buy 4 Capri Sun ($1.98 each) - $7.92
Buy 1 Febreze Air Effects - $1.50
use $0.50/1 from home made simple mailer
use $1 e-coupon (you get $0.50 in overage)
Buy 1 Febreze Refreseher - $1.50
use $0.50/1 from home made simple mailer
use $1 e-coupon (you get $0.50 in overage)
Buy 2 Gillette Body Wash - $1.99
use two $2/1 from the 8/1 PG
pay with $4 Catalina from transaction #2
Pay $2.90 plus tax
Get back $3 Catalina from the Carpi Suns

Transaction #4
Buy 20 Yoplait Cups (4 need to be whips) - $0.50 each
use 2 $0.55/2 printables
use 4 $0.50/4 coupons here and here
use 2 $0.40/6 e-coupons here and here
pay with $3 catalina from transaction #3
Pay only tax!
Get back a $2 catalina

Total Out of Pocket - $4.09 plus tax for 40 items and you have a $2 catalina leftover to use on whatever else you want! Here are a few other transactions with greater out of pocket, but still good deals in the end.

Optional Transaction #5
Buy 5 Kraft Singles - $1.79 each
pay with $2 catalina
pay $6.95
get $5 Catalina back


Brogers7684 said...

wow!!! this is so exciting! only sad thing is at my kroger every cashier makes a big deal out of doing things like this!!! i think im going to try another one!!!

Brogers7684 said...

question...on transaction #3 what gets you the catalina. i already used on of my air affects coupons.

Bethany said...

the capri suns do - buy 2 get $1, buy 3 get $2 or buy 4 and get $3. i just was using the "overage" from the febreze to help with the out of pocket.

Heather said...

I'm brand new to the coupon thing. What's Catalina?

Wendi S said...

This was such a great post. Thanks for putting all the time in to do this! I have $4, $4, and $5 catalinas from my last trip so I'll probably just buy everything in 1 order and use those 3 cats as part of the payment, then save the resulting cats for my next regular shopping trip or for milk, eggs, & produce.

Ginny said...

Can I find a list of the catalina's on Kroger's website? I've tried 2 of the catalinas you mentioned in the past even though they were not marked at my store and they didn't print out a catalina. I called customer service both times and they credited it to my card, but I'm wondering if the catalinas aren't just for specific stores?

Bethany said...

They don't list them on the Kroger site, they only post them "in store" Sometimes the catalina machine will have an error, for whatever reason, and they won't print. You can call the catalina company though and see if they will tell you what is participating. I've only seen the signs in stores or seen others mention them online. They run the catalina deals at all grocery stores that have catalina machines.

Heather, a catalina is a coupon like piece of paper that prints out with your reciept. Sometimes you'll get one for a $1/2 product but other times you'll get a money off your next purchase as a thank you for buying their products. You can use those just like cash when you check out, like the Register Rewards at Walgreens or ECB's at CVS. I hope that helped to clear it up.

Anonymous said...

Last time I went to Kroger I bought the 11 crayons and 5 Kraft cheeses and got no catalinas. Did these expire or can I call customer service and see what they can do?

Bethany said...

Do you still have your receipt? You definitely need to call the Catalina company at 1-888-8COUPON and get your $5 Catalina for the Kraft Cheese! It does not expire until 8/15. The crayons, however, I would return and rebuy. That catalina, for some reason, seems to be a 'glitch' and is printing out the $4 based on the crayons original price and not the $0.25 price, but you could talk to the Cat people about that one too while you are on the phone. Let us know what happens!

Brogers7684 said...

Justjust thought I would share I go to the Kroger in Jackson and the Catalina didn't work on the Capri suns or cereal. But it did on the crayons: )