Monday, August 30, 2010

What are your staples?

It seems like I buy the same few things each week and should probably own stock in bananas. I would be seriously interested to know how many pounds of bananas my boys consume each year - I bet it is a ridiculous number! We buy OJ, Milk, Bananas, Cucumbers, Apples, Carrots, Bread and Celery every.single.week. Obviously, I buy other things too but those other things vary - the aforementioned are our staples...what are yours?


Tatums said...

I buy milk, bread, eggs, fruit (whatever is on sale and yes...always bananas) and salad. Then I buy my coupon deals and whatever meat is on sale that week.

Vanessa said...

Lately I've noticed we are eating a lot of bananas as well. They are so cheap at costco and if we don't get around to eating them in time I always freeze them for banana bread or smoothies. Yum! At least I'm not the only one who must of been a monkey in a past life!

Laura said...

Milk is the only thing that is always on the list each week. But, we usually buy bananas and bread too - sometimes we don't use it all in a week, so it just depends.

Generically, we always get some sort of fruit - we usually get mushrooms and bell peppers and cheese most weeks.

Bethany said...

There are sometimes when we buy bananas twice a week! Tonight I bought a really large bag of them from Aldi so I think we'll actually be good to go until next week :)

I agree w/ the on sale fruit. That definitely varies