Monday, September 27, 2010

Great deal on a 'Spare Phone' (AT&T customers)

I don't know if any of you have the same problem we do of destroying phones by washing them/dropping them/killing them with kid slobber, but if so, this is a great deal on a temporary replacement. 

The Nokia 2330 is no iPhone or Blackberry, but in the event that you find yourself without a working phone, just slip your sim card into the slot and you have a very handy replacement.  I've seen many people say they buy one to keep in the car for emergencies or in a kitchen drawer for a standby phone.

To get the deal,

1. Click the link
2. Click on "Add to Cart"

3. Enter your zip code
4. Chose the "Pay as you Go Plan - $.25 Simple Plan"

5. Remove the $25 Prepaid GoPhone airtime card that is automatically added to your cart.

6. Choose "No thanks, give me a new number.

7. Click "Order Now"

If you already have an account, sign out of it before adding the phone to your cart.  Just add the phone as if you were not already a customer.

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