Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let's Dish 9/11

I hope everyone is doing well today. What a long way we have come as a country, and as individuals, since those tragic hours 9 years ago. I remember it well, as I'm sure most of you do. I was actually on a plane, in the air, the exact moment the towers were hit. How's that for a reality check? When my plane landed, I still had no idea and was in the bathroom when the loud speakers announced that all flights had been cancelled for the day. I was so mad! As any very self absorbed 19 year old might, I was only concerned with myself and my travel plans. I had no idea what really happened. I was in the Charlotte airport and what seemed like a million miles away from Oxford, Ms where I was attending my sophomore year at Ole Miss. I was on my way to see a guy I dated in high school, ,one my parents did not approve of and so I lied about where I was going to everyone. Nobody, save a few very close friends, even knew where I was. I told my mother I was on a class trip to DC that day (waaaaay to go Bethany) and when I turned my cell phone back on I received a ridiculously frantic phone call from her about where I was. I had planned on calling them, telling what happened and seeing how to get myself out of that mess but when I heard how upset she was I lied again - I told her we had never left Oxford and I was still safe and sound in my town house. I was left to figure it all out on my own and if you know me this will come as no surprise, my phone battery was going dead and I forgot my charger at home! I decided I was going to take a taxi the rest of the way to Virginia, my original destination, but as the taxi driver was filling up with gas I just didn't feel right about it so I had him take me to the rental car place next door. That stop ended up being such a blessing. They were completely out of cars but one of the salesman drove me around to every other rental car place he knew of and eventually a hotel bc they were all out of cars too. The ONLY hotel that had a room was downtown, beautiful and obviously expensive. I went up to the counter, tears in my eyes, exhausted from everything and asked for a room. She looked at me, slid a piece of paper across the counter with a clearly lowered price and handed me my key. I don't remember much about the next few hours. I felt and acted like a zombie. I remember calling my room mate and her boyfriend telling her she was not allowed to come get me. I had no idea what I was going to do. At midnight I got a phone call that the bus lines had been opened up so I took a cab to the bus station and by God alone some cash came out of the ATM so that I could purchase my ticket back home. It took 14 hours to get back and I think I cried the whole way.

I learned so much that day. About myself, about other people and about our country. I don't care what anyone says, I love being an American. I love our country and I feel so blessed to live here! I remember how much everyone loved America those weeks and months after 9/11 and I think if any positive came out of that horrible day it is that we learned to lean, love and rally on each other.

So, Let's Dish about it. Where were you? What are your thoughts?

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