Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Simple Things

I love coffee. Especially home-brewed coffee. Honestly, I prefer my cup of Maxwell House with fat-free French vanilla creamer over anything I could get at a coffee house. It's the one constant in my day and is such a treasure for me each morning. I know what you're thinking, good grief, it's just coffee! And that is true to an extent. What you may not know is that, even though it is just coffee, it's a way for me to stay grounded in this money saving journey. There are so many things that I can't 'have' or have to pass over because it just does not fit into our budget. I want a new couch, new decorations for my house, I'd love a bigger car, and in the past three years I've only bought 3 shirts for myself that weren't for maternity purposes! If I were to focus on those things I would get so discouraged, so frustrated and even though I have no right to, I would be tempted to start the "Why me?" conversation. It's silly, really. As American's we are just so focused on stuff and I am no exception.

Last week I was in Target, buying my weekly Orange Juice, when I saw this coffee cup. It was on sale for $2.39 and I just thought it was ceramic perfection. I have 3 random coffee cups that I like to drink out of and was so excited at the thought of enlisting this one into the ranks. I stood there for a few minutes thinking of our budget, wrestling with guilt over spending money on myself, when I decided to just buy it. Was it a neccessity? No, not at all. Many would say that it was a waste of money, but for me it was something to help keep me grounded in my journey to financial peace.

Those little, simple things in life keep us going and I want to make sure each of you are not missing out on them. Maybe it's allowing yourself to buy a candy bar at checkout or finally grabbing something you've been eyeing for a while now. Maybe it's going for a walk by yourself or picking a few flowers to put on your kitchen table. It doesn't have to cost anything to be rewarding and bless you in the moment.

These little moments are important because they help keep up our endurance. Some of you clip coupons because you like to and that is wonderful! Some of you, like me, also clip coupons because you have to. I'm blessed to be able to stay home with my 2 boys and most days I have no problem doing without. But somedays- somedays I'm human. On days like that, the simple things, like a $2 coffee cup, lift my spirits and my stamina and keep me moving forward.

I just want to encourage anyone reading this blog for the coupon matches and money saving tips: The hard work, the clipping, the effort, the sacrifice - it is ALL worth it! I know you are doing such a great job and blessing your family by being responsible with the resources you have been given!

What encouraging words or tips do you have for everyone?


Ginny said...

I also had a Target splurge this week. Women's Merona t-shirts were in clearance for $2. I bought (gasp) 4!!! Might be a good idea to include a few dollars in the budget for these $2 splurges that keep us motivated. :)

thebigredpot said...

I agree to keep a personal section of your budget or maybe find something that can 'go' for the week to splurge with!

And I bought one of those $2 Merona shirts (one of the 3 I mentioned in the post - ha!) How funny if we bought the same one :)

Hspatters said...

such a great idea. so far, I don't need many little splurges, but I've found that I need grounding in other areas. Mine is a cup of cappuccino with whipped cream on top during my girls' nap time which is my quiet time. :) just a quiet calm house (i even darken the rooms a little and only keep it lit with sunlight) and a cup of cino with God :). ahhh....i'm already looking forward to tomorrow lol