Monday, October 11, 2010

40-45% off at Gap - today only!

If you click on "Store Offers" on the Gap website you'll see this message:

In-Store Offers

Today only, October 11!
Get 40% OFF your entire purchase.
Make that 45% when you use your GapCard.
In stores only
Certain restrictions apply. Please see stores for details.


Kelsey said...

I went and was able to use my Groupon! Great deals.

thebigredpot said...

Oh you were?!? I'm so glad you shared that because I was wondering if I could use mine! Thanks Kelsey!

Kelsey said...

I asked and at first they told me that a Groupon was not able to be combined with any other I asked if it was possible if I got enough items to meet my $50 Groupon requirement to use it and they obliged. I had been waiting for Gap to have a sale before I used it, and thankfully I was able to use it! Hope you had some luck if you went!!