Tuesday, October 5, 2010

freebies from vista print!!!

Here's your chance to snag a bunch of fun gifts and stocking stuffers for free from VistaPrint. With VistaPrint's Everything for $0 deal, you can get one of each item for free and just pay shipping for each item. If you spend $20 on additional items or add-ons, you get free shipping on the entire order.

I am going to add all the free items, plus an additional photo calendar ($15.99), 100 Mommy Cards (1.99) and another keychain ($3.74) for a total of $21.72. I'll end up saving almost as much on shipping as I will spend to get all the free items + the 3 extra items. So much of my christmas shopping will be done in this one deal!!! Here's the list of free items:

Free Business Cards (250)
Free Photo Wall Calendars
Free Invitations (10)
Free Tote Bag
Free Photo Flip Book
Free Sticky Notes
Free Rubber Stamps
Free Pen Free
Return Address Labels (140)
Free Postcards (100)
Free Mouse Pad

That's a bunch of stocking stuffers and little gifts for free, and if you spend the $20 to get free shipping, you'll end up with a couple more gifts for what you would have paid for shipping anyway! What an awesome deal!

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Colleen said...

You rock Bethany! I just ordered $138.66 worth of stuff for $20.48! THANKS!