Sunday, October 17, 2010

I finally got to shop the Mega Sale!

Today I finally got to go to Dillon's (a Kroger store) about an hour north of where we live now. Even though I would have LOVED to get in on the sausage, chicken and fall squash deals going on in the Kroger Delta stores, I was just excited to take advantage of the great Mega Sale prices at all! Everything below was $113 before sales and coupons (I just found that cute little boy just wandering around aisle 2):
After Sales and Coupons my total was only $18.45! In the Dillon's region the cream cheese was only $0.88 so I was paid $0.12 to buy each package...yes, I did buy 20 packages of cream cheese and never you worry - they don't expire until Feb 2011 and they will be used up far before then! If you do the math, I got 50 items for $18.45 or $0.37 an item! This is why we LOVE Kroger!

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