Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let's Dish 10/9

My best friend from college, Mary, refuses to eat anything 'cream' like - no ranch, sour cream, cream cheese, none of it. She also won't eat other peoples eggs or drink their milk. I've always thought she was just weird in that regard but after a conversation at play group this past week, I found that many people don't like ranch or sour cream or the like. This seemed crazy to me since I love all of those things...and pretty much all food really.

So, let's dish about it! What can you just NOT eat? Is there something that would just be nearly impossible for you to eat a spoonful of? Please share with us, this could get really, really fun and interesting!


Courtney said...

Ugh now way. When I worked at the Inn on base they used to try and get me to eat that stuff all the time. It's odd because I like to make Pancakes.

I love pie and custards though. Yummm

Amanda Joy said...

Mayo....the mere thought of it makes me cringe!!!!

Jennifer Merritt said...

Cooked spinach (well any greens) or mushrooms. My pallet has grown more sophisticated with age but those are still 2 things that I can not tolerate! Uh