Monday, November 29, 2010

Mental Health Monday - 11/29


When I first started getting into the deal scene back in 2007 when my husband lost his job, I really struggled with wanting to take advantage of every single deal out there. I had always paid full price and rarely used coupons so every deal looked like a 'must have' or 'I'll never get this deal again' type of deal! After a while, I became overwhelmed, confused and stressed out about the whole process. I also was quickly using up our budget on things that I thought, "We will need 10 of this in the future so I better buy it now while it's on sale!" Anyone can fall prey to this and I want to encourage you, especially this Holiday Season, to set some priorities. Please don't be fooled - Overspending, just like over eating and over drinking is bondage. When we get a high or comfort from buying things, we need to be concerned that there might be a problem. Here are a few tips to help keep you from that bondage.

1) Make a budget. This is key. Take some time to sit down and figure out how much money you can spend not how much money you want to spend.

2) Be honest with yourself and others. If times are really tough this year then make sure you are spending money like times are tough. Make homemade gifts, give out pictures or simply write your loved ones heartfelt letters if you just don't have the room to buy gifts this year. Tell others you want to take a break from gifts this year and that goes for them too - tell them to donate that money to a needy family instead. If they are insistent on buying gifts, let them know that Gift Cards to the Grocery Store or Target would be better for your family than a gift set.

3) Let it pass. I know, 48 batteries for $6 seems like the steal of the century but if you only have $5 then you need to pass this time. If there is one thing I have found, it's that deals WILL come back around. It may not be until Black Friday next year, but they will surface again - and sometimes better!

4) Focus on the things that are really important. Your faith, your loved ones and your long term financial goals are great places to start focusing when we are tempted to overspend or spend in areas we don't need to. Ask yourself, "Why am I making this purchase?" and go from there.

I say these things not to put a wet blanket on the Holiday Spirit but to save you the depression that will quickly follow on December 26th or whenever the credit card bill comes in the mail. Regret can produce some very powerful emotions and put you in a position of depression that is completely avoidable.

It's not worth it - no thing is ever worth it. We may have to swallow our pride, but we will all be better stewards of our resources after the refining process. Remember, when we put our faith and hope in things not of this earth we begin to find the freedom and relief we are all so deparately craving.

Head over to Saving With A Plan for great financial resources that will help get you and keep you on track!

*If you feel like you are struggling in this area, please email me so we can get you pointed in the right direction toward freedom.*


Emily Freelove said...

Excellent post, You really put things in perspective and we need that especially during the holiday season!

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