Monday, November 15, 2010

Mental Health Monday: Back to Basics Week 3

Add it in!

Did you cut out something processed last week? I cut out chips and candy - what was I thinking!? Why would I cut out two things at once! And my two favorite things at that. Clearly, I'm crazy. I had a good week alllll the way up until we went out of town. We got to my in-laws and I just started eating chips and dip without even thinking about it. Maybe that should be a warning sign of some sort - ha! Oh well, I am now very aware of how much I love chips and even though I don't eat them very often I definitely need to eat them even less!

This week's challenge is to add in a vegetable or fruit that you have never tried before. I'm going to make a Dumpling Squash (that's for you Missy) and I'll be sure to tell you how it goes. If you have a special, fabulous recipe involving this feel free to send it my way!

How about you? How are your back to basic weeks going? What vegetable or fruit would you like to give a try?

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Hollienoelle84 said...

Not for lack of wanting to... but I've never tried Okra. (I kn0w, right?!) Everyone I've ever talked to says it's amazing, and I keep eyeballing it at the grocery store, but I haven't done any real recipe searching on it so I just keep walking by thinking "next week..".
I think this might be the incentive I needed to finally take the plunge. Maybe.