Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shopping Trips - Kroger and Walgreens

For those of you that don't follow on facebook, we had a memorable Thanksgiving for sure. About 330 in the morning Thanksgiving Day my youngest woke up with the Stomach Virus and was sick off and on until about 930 when things seemed to calm down. After a quick visit with my husbands family around noon (so we wouldn't spread our cooties) I laid the boys down for a nap only to have my oldest wake up sick and send us home much earlier than we ever intended. I was able to get a quick trip to Kroger in Wednesday night before the sickness hit and I'm glad I did! I took advantage of the cheap batteries and General Mills Deal. Everything pictured was $4.86 before tax. The Edge Shave Gel was BOGO and I had a BOGO printable that made both free.
We were heading West down I-40 as the sun was setting on Thursday, about to take our last turn north when we were able to see this beautiful sunset. Even in the midst of the ugliness going on in our back seat, God showed us His beauty and reminded me of just how much I always have to be thankful for, no matter what my circumstances are.
On Friday, after the boys were doing better and before my husband got sick, I was able to sneak out and take advantage of the Walgreens freebies! I didn't go as crazy as I would have liked given our family situation but still did pretty good!
I spent less than $5 total out of pocket for everything here and still have $13 in Register Rewards left!

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