Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cake Balls - Day 12

I'll be honest. I'd never even had one of these until I moved to our new town and everyone makes them! They are so.so.so. rich - so prepare yourself for that but also be prepared to be addicted because they are so good! My friend Kelly made Red Velvet ones and then the other night at our Cookie Exchange I had Carrot Cake and White Cake ones - anything goes and all are delicious!

To Die For Cake Balls

one cake, baked and crumbled
1 tub frosting
1 package almond bark

These are simple - just crumble a baked cake (box or homemade), any kind you like and mix in a tub of frosting. Refrigerate about an hour or two. Roll the mixture into ping pong size balls and dip into melted almond bark until completely coated. You could drizzle chocolate or chocolate bark on the almond bark to make them look fancy if desired. Allow to cool on sprayed wax paper or foil, refrigerate and enjoy!

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