Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kraft Coupons plus a disclaimer

Currently, there are some pretty great Kraft coupons available to print here that will go great with many of the Mega Sale items at Kroger this week. BUT let me warn you before you decide to print them. These coupons are manufacturer coupons, start with a 5 and will not beep if they are scanned at ANY store including Kroger. They do, however, have a "Redeem at Publix" logo in the top corner. So, while you should have no problem using these coupons, if you get a grouchy cashier who won't even scan them then it may be more trouble then it is worth. Kroger's policy says they take it if it scans so if you will print this and take it with you, they should at least attempt to scan it but no promises!

Let me know if you're feeling brave and use them :)

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