Saturday, January 22, 2011

$55 CSN Giveaway

Coming in February we are going to do a de-cluttering challenge. Each day we will have a new task around our home so that by the end of it we will have a completely decluttered home that did not leave us feeling ovewhelmed or burdened to get it all done. In this process you may decide to get rid of several things in your house and possibly add in some new. Maybe you think it's time a for  modern dining room furniture so that you can encourage even more positive family dinner time each night, maybe your living room needs TLC, the possibilities are truly endless! The same goes for what you could spend your $55 on courtesy of CSN in this giveaway. They have over 200 stores so that you can grab anything from kitchen gadgets to organizational bins. I love CSN Stores and I've heard great things from our previous winners!

Would you like a chance to win? Here are 3 ways to win. Any will work and if you decide to enter three times please be sure to leave 3 seperate comments so I can give you credit for all three.

1) Tell us what you'd snag with your $55 plus a way to contact you
2) Tell us what needs the most decluttering in your home
3) Follow The Pot on Google or Facebook and tell me that you do!

Good luck and we'll announce the winner February 5th!

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