Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Few More Kroger Finds plus some observations

While on a very quick trip to Kroger this weekend, I grabbed some of the great PG deals and tried my best to scan the other deals (I had my one year old with me) - I saw that Right Guard and Soft/Dri Deodorant was on sale for $1 - if you have any coupons for those you'll score a good deal. Also, Duncan Hines cake mixes are still $0.88 each.

Another thing I noticed, and finally found some clarity on was products that were not priced correctly. I get a lot of emails and comments that say, "This isn't on sale at our store in (enter city)" and that has always baffled me since it's clearly a Kroger Delta store. I think I know the answer: The product is actually on sale, your store just does not have it marked! For example, at the store I was in, the pistachios had a HUGE sign advertising them at $4.99 but the ad clearly said they were on sale for $3. After checkout, sure enough, they are on sale for $3 just not marked. I say all this to say, prepare for your trips and know your prices. If it says that it is $3 on my list then it is $3 - I get all of my information directly from Kroger. Also, I recommend printing your shopping list with prices next to it just so you can double check it.

Last, several of you have asked if I watched the TLC Extreme Couponing Show and surprisingly I did! I say surprisingly because we don't have cable but while we were out of town I was able to watch it at my in-laws because they dvr'd it for me :) Here is my opinion since y'all wanted to know: I did think it was a bit extreme BUT I do not ever want to tell anyone what is "too much" or "too little" because I would never want anyone to say it to me. Right now, I have 13 sticks of deodorant in a drawer and some would say that is excessive - I say it's smart and frugal. Now, I also believe that to whom much is given much is expected and I was excited to see several of those highlighted giving a ton (literally - ha!) of their stuff away and freely advising others on how they could save money in their own homes. As with anything that gives you a rush or consumes your life, we have to be careful to not let any thing (couponing, drinking, food, work, etc) consume our lives and interfere with our daily functioning. I totally recommend stocking up and encourage each of you to focus on a 3 month stockpile of your own this year!

Oh and for those of you who did watch the show - every single store they shopped at was a Kroger owned store!

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