Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 28 and Check In

 Day 28: Cobwebs

Today we're going to wipe down the top edges and corners of our rooms to make sure we don't have any cobwebs. I am always shocked to find how many I have that I don't even notice! If you don't have a swiffer, just take a very slightly damp rag and wrap it around the end of your broom and get to cleaning!

Well - we did it! It's our last day of Jump Starting Our Spring Cleaning! You should have a pretty great start on your spring cleaning with only a few more things to get done to finish everything up. You'll most likely need to sit down with your garage sale boxes and price everything, make sure you drop the donation boxes off at the Goodwill and set up  a weekly cleaning schedule like I talk about here to stay on top of your newly organized and clean home! I've enjoyed this month long challenge - look for something new starting tomorrow for the month of March!

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