Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4

Day 4: Kitchen and Laundry Room Baseboards

Dun - Dun - Dun. I know. Baseboards. Ugh. But we have to clean them. And truth be told, once they are clean your whole room will look cleaner! Ok, here we go:

First sweep your floor really well and if you have a vacuum attachment, go around the baseboard with the vacuum. Next, take 5-6 cups of hot water in a large bowl or bucket and add one cup of white vinegar. Take your rag, dipped into the vinegar water and get to scrubbing down your baseboards. Not only will the vinegar degrease any build up, but it will deoderize the edge of your floors where any mopping residue has built up. Allow to air dry and then sweep up any excess dust that fell in the cleaning process.

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