Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Day 8: Kitchen Cabinet Clean Out

Our next challenge is going to take a little more time than our previous ones so we'll split it up into two days. Today I want you to take 2 boxes, one labeled giveaway and one labeled garage sale. We're going to go through our top kitchen cabinets (anything above your counter tops) and clean them out. When going through each cabinet ask yourself, "Do I love it?" and "Do I use it?" - if your answer to both of these questions is no then it has to go! Put it in either of your boxes and move on. Also, if you have pantry cabinets make sure to check the expiration on everything and move things that need to get used to the front of the cabinet and throw out things that are old. If it's closing in on expiration and you don't think you'll use it, consider donating it. See you back here tomorrow where we'll tackle the bottom cabinets!

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