Monday, February 14, 2011

Great New Coupons!

Use zip code 33033 to snag a few great new coupons!

$0.50/1 New York Frozen Bread

$1/1 NYC Nail Polish - this is $0.97 at Target and the coupon does NOT beep!

there is also a $1 off ANY brand cheese 2 lbs or larger. The coupon states "valid in Florida AND any participating retailer." It does not give any named store and the coupon starts with a 5. I say you should definitely try it at Kroger on their Kroger brand 16 oz cheese :)

sometimes I'll enter zip codes 11011, 33033, 55055 and 77077 to snag some random great coupons :)


Hollienoelle said...

Bethany, I have to thank you for the idea you shared several days ago about looking in the paper trash cans at the self-checkouts for discarded catalinas- we've gone to Kroger twice this week, the first time I ran over while my husband was putting the groceries on the conveyor, and found an awesome one for $3 off any $15 frozen food purchase among others. Then today I ran in for a couple quick items and found a bunch of REALLY great catalinas in the trash as I checked out- including one for a free bottle of advil (up to $6)!!! I'm not joking when I tell you I drove by another different Kroger later in the day and SERIOUSLY contemplated stopping just to run in and check the trash. I didn't, but oh my- I might need a 12 step program!

thebigredpot said...

Oh I love this!! You are just addicted to saving money - nothing to be ashamed of friend :)

Trust me, my husband was allllll about the self check trash at Kroger! Most weeks it would give me an extra $5 in my grocery budget and that goes a long way!