Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kroger Daytona 500 Mega Event

Starting today, Kroger is running a new Daytona 500 Mega Event Promotion. This Mega Event is very different than any Mega Event in the past in the sense that you save $3 instantly and you also get a $3 Catalina after you checkout. Although I have not been to the store to see, I have read reports that even though several $3 Catalina's will print (if you buy 30 items you'll get three $3 catalinas, etc) you can only use ONE of them to pay for your next transaction. If you try to use two or more the register will beep and your cashier will most likely give them back to you. Given this news, here is what I recommend:

1) Buy your items in seperate 10 item transactions. If you go through the self check or get a good cashier early in the day this should not be an issue or problem. If your Kroger store is not super coupon or multi-transaction friendly, spread your trips out over the 2 week period that this promotion will be available.

2) Buy several items in one transaction as usual and use the $3 Catalinas to pay for any normal items (non mega sale) that you were planning on buying. Your overall out of pocket for the week will be the same, your receipt will just not show as much of a savings percentage.

Something else I hope you'll be excited about is that I will actually be walking the store tomorrow, taking note of all of the Kroger Delta included products and prices so you will have the most accurate shopping list possible! Also, if you live in the Conway, Cabot or possibly Jonesboro, AR areas be on the lookout for random coupons I'll be leaving to bless you in your shopping trip!

If you have any questions about this Mega Event or if a price is a good or stock up price, please leave me a comment and I'll answer to the best of my ability! As always, if you find a great deal, share it with us!!

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