Friday, February 18, 2011

Kroger Mega Sale Update

I just returned from walking the store at Kroger and have a full price list I'm about to type up! I found a few other unadvertised deals that I'm excited to share as well.

On the topic of the $3 Catalina that prints after checkout, here is what I found out:

1) You will get a $3 Catalina for every 10 items you buy. So if you buy 30 participating items, three $3 catalina's will print at the end of your transaction.

2) The Catalina is a store coupon, starts with a "1" and clearly states "One Coupon per Order" - I asked customer service and the cashier about this and they said they are taking more than one per transaction but I doubt you will have such luck at every store and with every cashier. I recommend breaking your transactions up either with multiple trips or by telling the cashier you want to do multiple transactions. I asked if they care if you do multiple transactions and they said, "Oh goodness, no. Break it up into as many transactions as you need."

So - if you want to buy 40 items in one trip, break it up into 4 different 10 item transactions. Tell the cashier what you are doing, and pay each time with the previous $3 Catalina.

I hope this helps and be on the lookout later today for the complete Kroger Delta Mega Sale participating items match up list!


Sarahlindasybarker said...

Thanks for the update! I went yesterday and got my $3 off but didn't receive a $3 catalina. I've checked the add and it clearly states Ishould get I'll be back today and make sure I get it :) I had my 10 month old with me (SO stressful trying to manage a coupon binder, make sure you get the right prices/discounts and manage a baby!!!)

Kelly said...

I went to the Hot Springs Kroger Friday evening and I had bought my 30 items and got the 3 $3 Catalinas. I was going to do separate tranactions for my "other" groceries so that I could use all 3 of my catalinas. (I'm 80 miles away from my nearest Kroger now) I didn't know when I would get to go back so I wanted to use all 3. I must have got really lucky because my cashier was super nice and deducted all 3 catalinas at one time. She said she wasn't supposed to, but they were busy and she could manually put them in. So I got the full $9 off on one transaction. Yay for nice cashiers!!

thebigredpot said...

that is WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you had a pleasant experience considering your trip distance - I totally understand that drive!

I was thinking that everyones best bet for using them all at once would be during a busy time with a good cashier - great job Kelly!

thebigredpot said...

Definitely go back and get your Catalina! Let me know what happens.