Friday, February 11, 2011

More Walgreen's Deals

I went into Walgreen's today and found some great deals I wanted to share. First, while doing the Ragu/Skippy deal again, I found all of the Walgreen's Spices clearanced out to $0.59! Also, I needed two more jars of sauce than were on the shelf so I asked if they had any in the back and they did. Just a reminder, sometimes it pays to ask the staff about products, where things are and if they have more.

Also, I was SO excited to find out that the Neuragen Money Maker is actually a month long deal!! That means, if you have product in your store and can snag a Diabetes and You Magazine from the Pharmacy Counter, you can make $5 easy at Walgreens all month long! I had to actually ask the pharmacist for one of these magazines.Here's the deal as a reminder:

Buy 1 Neuragen Pain Reliever (by the foot care products) $14.99
use the $10/1 from the Diabetes and You Magazine
Pay $4.99, Get $10 Register Rewards Back!

Another month long money maker is the Arnicare Pain Cream. Here is that deal:

Buy 1 Arnicare Pain Relief Cream at $5.99
use the $2/1 printable
Pay $3.99, Get $6 Register Reward Back

There is not one reason y'all can't make out well at Walgreen's this month with these kinds of deals! Check out the other hot deals at Walgreen's this week here.


Hollienoelle said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize it was a month long deal either... didn't even think to look! I might have to make another run then :)

I had one of my best walgreens experiences today- the cashiers at my closest walgreens almost always give me a hard time about ringing multiple transactions and using multiple coupons and generally I'm irritated, upset & embarassed by the time I leave. Today I decided to try a different walgreens, just a little further from my house and I'm in LOVE. As I was shopping an employee came up to me and looked at the things in my basket and asked if I had coupons for the herbashine, which I of course did, but she was so sweet she made sure I was able to get three of them to print and offered me extras if I needed. I told her I had coupons for everything but the colgate maxfresh (tried to get some printables but the offer was expired) and she pulled out a HUGE file folder of coupons and gave me two .75/1 to use!! You can be sure I'll go the extra 10 minutes out of my way to go there from now on- I'm so excited not to have to work up the courage to go use my coupons anymore!! Its like night and day, the difference in service at the two stores! I think I more thrilled with the experience than I am with my actual deals today... and I got some pretty good deals! Hah!

Ashley D. said...

I think this might be the week for me to start trying out the Walgreens deals! I can only hope I get a cashier half as helpful as the previous poster's. :)

thebigredpot said...

start slow and you'll get the hang of it in no time! I'm going to do a working walgreen's video soon that should help encourage you to really jump into it! I always ask the cashier before I ever get started looking for deals if they care if I do more than one transaction. Based on their response you'll know how crazy you can get :)