Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reader Savings: Hollie's Walgreen's Run

Here's what Hollie had to say:

I didn't have much time to do a huge matchup and really utilize this week's sales to their fullest, but I wanted to get over there today and at least pick up some of the hot deals, since I needed diapers anyway.

I ended up getting everything in the attached pictures for less than $8 out of pocket!!

Here's how I broke it down:

Trans 1
Buy 3 Ajax
& Arnicare
Use 3/.99 ajax coupon & $2/1 arnicare printable
Pay 5.40
Get $6 rr back

Trans 2
Buy Neuragen
& Flashlight (originally $2 on clearance for .49 cents!)
Use $10/1 & $6 rr
Pay pocket change for tax
get $10 rr back

Trans 3
Buy Arnicare
& Playtex bottle
&pencil I had to grab because I was .02 under being able to use the coupons! Didn't add that right somewhere... oops!
Use 2/1 arnicare printable
Pay pocket change for tax & pencil difference
get $6 rr back

Trans 4
buy neuragen
& trident gum
Use $6 rr
Pay pocket change for tax
get $10 rr back

Trans 5
Buy diapers (the ultimate goal here, needed a pack for a diaper raffle at a friend's upcoming shower!)

Use $10 rr
Pay $1 difference plus tax

Thats OVER $100 in product for LESS THAN $8!!

Way to go Hollie!! You rocked it out!

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