Monday, March 14, 2011

Check, Please!

My friend Cari just left me a comment on facebook that reminded me of something I keep meaning to tell y'all:

Did you know that at most stores you can get a rain check for the sale price when they are out of stock? I know this is true for Kroger, Walgreen's and CVS all the time and Target for certain products. The great thing about a rain check is that you can take your time getting in on a great deal when the product is otherwise out of stock. If you aren't sure if this is true for your store be sure to ask!

Rain checks at Walgreen's will range anywhere from 1 month to 12 months depending on who is giving you the rain check but at CVS they NEVER expire. No joke. I have one from 2 years ago that will be good until I use it!

Or until my children lose it or throw it away. Kind of like how they threw away my driver's license. And my brain evidently. :)

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eppie said...

Rain checks are amazing things, but I recently was at Target, trying to purchase some feminine products on sale. There weren't any of the type that I use left in the store, so I asked for a rain check. The manager on duty told me that they "don't do rain checks for sale items." This, to me, is crazy...what are rain checks for if not for sale items!