Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dining Certificates for only $2!

Right now you can get $25 Gif Certificates for 80% off with code SAVE at checkout on - this will make a $25 Gift Certificate only $2! When we lived in Southaven we would grab the Old Venice one and it would save us a TON of money!

These certificates do have an 18% gratuity added to them but we usually tip 20% anyway so it was not a big deal for us. Think about it - if your total is $35 and you use your $25 Gift Certiciate you'll be paying $18 total ($10 plus $2 purchase price plus $6 tip) - a very big savings!

Head over here to check out the participating restuarants in your area! If you are going on Vacation anytime in the next year I would check into certificates you can buy in that area to save even more in your vacation budget!

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