Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Dolly Bars - Lightened Up

My friend Kacy brought her Hello Dolly Bars to our Sunday School Pot Luck this past week and they were to.die.for. good! She sent me the recipe so I could share it with everyone but in my own selfishness I attempted to lighten these up. You see, my husband and I are the only ones who like coconut in these parts so I knew we'd be eating the whole pan. By ourselves. No, really, the whole pan. You get the picture. I will put Kacy's ingredients in parentheses so you can have the original recipe too.

1 sleeve graham crackers (ground up to about 2 cups)
1/2 stick butter (Kacy uses a whole stick)
1 cup sweetened flaked coconut (Kacy uses half a bag)
1/2 bag chocolate chips (Kacy uses a whole bag)
1 can fat free eagle brand

Crush Graham Crackers and combine with melted butter. Press into a very well sprayed (or lined with parchment paper) 8x11 pan until even and flat. Sprinkle chocolate chips and coconut evenly over crust.
Pour eagle brand evenly over everything and bake for 25-30 minutes on 350. Allow to cool, slice and enjoy!

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