Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HOT $1/1 Folger's Coupon

Go over here to print a $1/1 any Folger's 3 oz or larger coupon - this is a very high value coupon for such a low purchase requirement! You're sure to grab a great deal on coffee with this!


Hannahfielderfulks said...

okay. so i had my first problem at kroger yesterday. i had a ton of sale items from this week's sale that i had an ecoupon (from my kroger app NOT from cellfire or anything else) along with paper coupons. and the cashier (that i've never seen before) told me that her manager had put a stop to using both coupons. i asked when it happened, as i was in there on saturday to buy a razor and it worked. she said it "had always been that way".

i knew this wasn't right. amazingly, i didn't argue with her. because i'm arguing with everyone. she handed me my paper coupons back (almost 20 dollars worth of them) and went on her business.

i walked over to the service desk after i was done. called my friend stacy and asked if this had ever happened to her. she said no. that it was wrong. i quickly remembered you and your awesome site where you TOTALLY have the kroger coupon policy. and whipped out my iphone. showed it to the girl. turns out it was all the checkers choice. she just made the call. like, it wasn't the manager at all. in the checker's words, "that's unfair. she's saving too much money." i promise that's what she said.

i was refunded my money by the manager and i will NEVER EVER go back to that woman. i don't care if i have to wait in an hour line. i'll do it.

thanks again for being so concise. and for this site. i don't know if you know how much i really love it. and how much it really does save me every single month. love to you, bethany.

thebigredpot said...

I'm so glad that you stood your ground and were firm in the fact that you were doing nothing wrong! I'm not sure why some cashiers feel like they have to treat couponers like that. And super kudos for letting your Jesus show in the way you handled it - I'm inspired and so proud of you!

I'm so thankful for you and your encouraging words - I hope you know that :)