Saturday, March 12, 2011

HOT Right Guard Deal - Starting Tomorrow at Walgreen's!

As I'm typing up the Walgreen's Ad I found a really HOT deal that will start tomorrow! Make sure to grab the 3/13 Red Plum. Here's your deal:

Buy 2 Right Guard Deodorant or Body Wash - BOGO Walgreen's Sale
use the BOGO coupon from the 3/13 Red Plum
Both Free after coupon!


Ashley D. said...

This is great! I'll definitely be doing this and the Irish Spring deal.

Hopefully, my husband will never come home with a "value pack" of Degree deoderant he says was ONLY $4. It killed me to know he actually paid for deoderant!

Ashley D. said...

Oh, please edit out my misspellings! That is what I get for commenting after just waking up from a great Saturday afternoon nap!

thebigredpot said...

No worries whatsoever - no grammar nazi's here :)

If I had a $1 for every word I misspelled on here I'd have a much larger grocery budget :) yay for a Saturday nap!

And we all have that "why did you actually pay for that!?!" story - ha!