Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Savings 3/5

I had two savings trips for the week. My first was to Walgreen's where I bought 4 Motrin and 2 Baby Magic - total was a $6 Money Maker. Today we headed up to Joplin to take advantage of the Cart Buster Savings Event. I was able to get 61 items for only $47 before tax!!! My total percentage of savings was 70% - I was really excited considering I was able to get 13 boxes of cereal, 7 boxes of granola bars and a big roast plus 41 other items! I'm fortunate that the store I shop at is very coupon friendly and lets you use both paper and ecoupons without any questions.
Head over here to get the coupon matchups so that you can take advantage of the great deals too! I'll have a video up later tonight with a few more details of my total trip.
How did you do this week? Share your savings with us!

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