Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aldi Deals 4/6-4/12

Here are the best deals at the NWA Aldi this week. Check your ad here. I'm so excited about the deals this week I could just scream! :)

Fresh Spinach, 9 oz - $0.79 a bag

Tomatoes on the Vine, 16 oz - $0.99 each

Oranges, 4 lb bag - $1.49 each

Grapes, 2 lbs - $1.58 each

Crescent Rolls - $0.99 each

Butter, 4 sticks - $2.28 each

Shank Portion Ham - $1.19/lb

1 comment:

Amanda Joy said...

The Memphis ad is pretty great as well. The tricolored peppers for 1.99 are back!!!! Funny how something so simple can make me so happy. I seriously feel so accomplished every Monday when I leave there knowing all the $$ I have saved on produce. Thanks to Aldi our little baby has been getting tons of fruit and veggies during my pregnancy without breaking the bank. I really think if you have an Aldi in your area and you arent taking advantage of it you apparently have money to blow!