Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday!

Hey Everyone. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, we had some strong storms move in yesterday afternoon and it knocked my internet out until this morning! We have several more moving through over the next few days so if you dont' see me then that is why :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful Good Friday and we are spending time reflecting on the true meaning of Easter. I know I am.
 We had a really fun Easter Egg Hunt playgroup yesterday and my friend Tracy had everything decorated so perfectly for Easter and Spring! I thought I would share to inspire ya'll this morning. If you are looking for a few decorative changes around your house here are some fabulous ideas. Think simple but bright - cute mason jars with ribbon around the rims and above, planters double as cupcake stands.
If you love to decorate but don't love the prices here is my money saving tip: Buy a rubbermaid and then grab the Holiday items 75% off after the Holiday is over. Simply buy the decorations for pennies on the dollar, put them in a labeled rubbermaid and voila you've got a wonderful tub full of decorations ready to go for next year and you paid a fraction of the price!
Remember, a lot of Easter decorations can double as Spring decor so feel free to grab some next week and use until Summer rolls around this June.

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