Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interesting Artificial Sweeteners Chart

How to Choose a Sweetener
[Source: Be Food Smart]

My husband sent me a link to this chart today and I thought it was really interesting. Do you use artificial sweeteners? What are your thoughts on the issue?


eppie said...

This is certainly an interesting chart. I grew up hearing about the dangers of aspartame, but never really thought much about it. Now, I swear off any sweeteners. Especially HFCS. We do not purchase ANYTHING containing this ingredient. I actually just found out that Subway sandwich bread contains HFCS and it broke my heart to have to stop going.

Laura said...

The interesting thing about some of the "studies" referenced is that the animals were given ridiculously high amounts of the sweetener. I'm always a little leery of information that is presented this way because it doesn't provide you with anything about how the research was conducted. Just the science part of my background speaking there. Personally, I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible including artificial sugars.