Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kroger Customer Service

I know several of you have had issues recently at your local Kroger (mostly in smaller cities) where some form of management is telling you that because of your coupon use the Kroger Store is losing money. This is a common myth told to customers who use coupons at many stores because when they see our totals, it gives the impression that we are "stealing" from them in some way. Let me point out a few things:

1) Every store is reimbursed the full amount of the coupon they use PLUS an additional $0.08. Check the fine print on your coupons and you'll see confirmation of that. Feel free to show that to your cashier if they don't believe you. In a kind, courteous way, of course.

2) Direct their attention to this article that points out that for the past two quarters, Kroger's Profits have risen and they have seen an increase in sales and stock points. Stores who are losing money due to coupons (which are in their highest use in a while right now) would not see such great profit increases.

3) Remember that your attitude and tone go a long way. I know you are doing nothing wrong, you know you are doing nothing wrong so present yourself in a manner that gives no other implication. Chat up your cashier, clue them in on how they can save too and be as kind as you possibly can - after all, they are the ones scanning your coupons. I've found that if I'm genuinely engaged with my cashier (calling them by name, asking how their day is, making them feel like a real person instead of a professional scanner) then later if there is a glitch or beep with my coupons they almost always just push it through.

Remember, arm yourself with knowledge before you go shopping and don't let someone make you feel like you are doing anything wrong when you are clearly abiding by their corporate coupon policy.

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