Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Savings - 4/30

I did a grocery run on Thursday and a very small Walgreen's run yesterday. They were out of pretty much everything so I got a few rain checks and 3 bottles of nail polish. Everything pictured was from Harps or Aldi. I got all 7 boxes of popcorn free after coupon. I was SO excited to finally have a pop corn sale. My boys LOVE Kettle Corn and would eat it as an afternoon snack every day if I let them. The lunch meat in the picture was marked down for quick sale to $0.99 and they had $0.55 peelies on them. I also got a marked down roast and family pack of round steaks not pictured. My total for the week, for everything including the meat not pictured was just $35.
How did you do? Link up and share your awesome savings with us!

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