Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Savings - 4/9 Saved 92% and 100%

I did three couponing trips this week in addition to my produce trip to Aldi. First I went to Walgreens and grabbed 4 Detergents, 2 Chinet, 1 toothpaste and a box of raisins (that my son just haaaaaad to have. Whatever floats his boat, I needed a filler.) I went back to Walgreens again today and grabbed 8 more bottles of Purex and 1 more tube of toothpate. I was so excited to stock up on Purex - our stores had a ton and to get 12 bottles for $11.88 was a stock up price for sure! The original value of everything pictured was $95.04 and after sales, coupons and Register Rewards everything was only $12.37! I also had $5 in Register Rewards from last week so my total out of pocket was only $7.37 or a total savings of 92%!!!
Next I did some overage shopping at Walmart and got everything you see for exactly $0.00 before tax! See more details on that here. My total went from $52.80 to zero. I like that kind of day at Walmart.
How did you do? Share your savings with us!


robin said...

That is why everyone else had to get rainchecks at Walgreens this week. Don't empty the shelves.

thebigredpot said...

robin thanks so much for your concern! I actually got all of this over the course of 2 trips from two different walgreens. Each time there were at least 20 bottles on the the end caps for everyone else! :) I actually had 4 more coupons but did not use.

Courtney said...

You did great! I just can't seem to get back into couponing. I know bad. lol I know you would never clear a shelf. :)