Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shopping After Holiday Sales

I love decorations - especially ones for each different holiday. What I don't love? How quickly that total can add up once you've grabbed a few things here and there. Here is my advice on taking advantage of the beautiful decorations at a fraction of the cost:

Shop the after sale. No, the selection will not be as good as it was before the season started but the price can be as low as 75-90% off and remember to shop at various stores to find the best selection of items. That cute centerpiece was $50 but now it's just $10 - you can grab 4 x's as many things with the same $50 as you could before! Grab a rubbermaid and then each year grab a few things clearanced out afterward. Before you know it, you'll have a tub full of fabulous decorations that you paid pennies on the dollar for! I love grabbing my decorations each new season and seeing what's in there - most of the time I forgot and it's like buying it new all over again!

Since we just finished with Easter, grab sale items that say "Spring" and put them out on your tables and shelves. Spring lasts until June 20th so grab some great, cheap items to spruce up your house without the guilt or hit to your budget.

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