Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walmart Trip 4/19

My husband wanted Tortellini for dinner tonight and since we don't have a Kroger nearby to run into, I headed to Walmart. I actually love the Louisa brand frozen tortellini and it's only $2.82 a bag - a great price for something that will feed our whole family! Since I was heading there anyway, I thought I would grab a few coupon deals to keep my out of pocket low. I price matched the Strawberries to Aldi, trying out the new "just tell the cashier policy" and it was pretty breezy. I also found something I had never seen at Walmart before - marked down produce. We were out of Banana's and they had a bunch of barely ripe bananas marked down to $0.25/lb!
My total before coupons and price match was $41.55 and after coupons and price match (and pre-tax) it was only $5.77! I paid the same for everything that I would have for just the two bags of Tortellini I went in for! I am so thankful for the Similac overage and the fact that my store always has about 20 bottles on the shelf. I was also excited to see the Voila priced at just $3.66 - great for the $3/1 printable available earlier today. You can see all of the recent Walmart deals here.


Kacysuzanne said...

I have been tearing up those 25 cent/pound bananas with the way my kiddos eat them! Today, my total pre coupon was $40 - post (with tax) $16. I went to get a 40 pound bag of dog food (regular price - $20.50) but took home 3 formulas, 2 body washes & 3 pounds of bananas - woo hoo!

Walgreens was out of half of what I wanted, though. Will have to coupon again tomorrow :-)

thebigredpot said...

that is a great trip! I have a feeling it's going to be a rain check kind of week at Walgreens!