Tuesday, May 31, 2011

$20 Walmart Trip - Saved 57%

Tonight I ran into Walmart to do a few quick price matches before sale ads were over tomorrow. I tried to shop at Harp's and Allen's and every item I was looking for had been swiped from the shelves! I do love Walmart's new policy though - I saved the same amount of money and there was plenty of stock. Normally I only buy BBQ Sauce if it's free but since I actually just used my last bottle of free sauce I got here and Sweet Baby Ray's is my all.time.favorite. I didn't mind spending $0.49 a bottle. I also found Hebrew National Hot Dogs on sale for $2.49 and I had a $1/1 coupon from the mail making them just $1.49 - yes and thank you! I was heading to buy Activia and saw these 8 packs. The 4 packs are $2 and the 8 pack was $2.71 - that makes each cup of yogurt only $0.34!. My boys love Activia more than I could describe and will be THRILLED when they wake up in the morning!

I normally do not buy cokes but I have a friend coming into town tomorrow and Diet Cokes are her love language :). I was so excited to see a Family Dollar ad in my mailbox today advertising them at $2.50! That is an awesome price for coke products and it was an easy price match while I was in Walmart. Here's my breakdown:

6 Sweet Baby Ray's - $0.99 price match to Allen's. Used $1/2 coupons - $0.49 each
4 KC Masterpiece - $1 price match to Harp's - used $1/1 coupons - Free
2 Mustard - $1 price match - used $0.30/1 coupon - $0.70
2 Activia 8 pack - $2.71
Suave Dry Shampoo - Free with coupon from Manufacturer on Facebook
Cooking Creme - $2.48 - Free with manufacturer coupon from Kraft First Taste
4 2ct Sponge Packs - $0.97. Used $1/2 from the 5/22 Red Plum - $0.47 each
2 Coke 12 Packs - $2.50 price matched to Family Dollar
Banana's - $0.50/lb

Total: $20 for 24 items or $0.83 an item.

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