Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Few Things

I have a few questions and would really LOVE your feedback. If you could take a few moments to leave me a comment with your thoughts or questions I would really appreciate it!

1) I recently ordered myself the all new complete Weight Watchers cookbook. Would anyone be interested in a Weight Watcher's Wednesday recipe post complete with nutrition and points values?

2) I'm going to be doing a video on How to Shop at Walgreens tomorrow so if you have any comments or questions concerning Walgreen's please leave them in the comment section so I can be sure to answer them.

3) After many of you have contacted and some time in prayer, I have decided to do coupon workshops for free. The only conditions are that there must be a group of at least 15 to sign up and the group will have to set up the meeting location (a church, conference room, etc). If you have a church or social group that is interested in a free 2-3 hour coupon workshop please contact me so we can see if we can schedule something! thebigredpot at gmail dot com.


Caricalhoun said...

I would definitely be interested in the WW blog posts! Can't wait to watch the Walgreens cool! And, I am interested in the couponing class so I will see if I can figure anything out on my end!! Thanks, Bethany!!


Matlock6 said...

count me in

Kbishop said...

Me too!! I would love Weight Watcher Wednesday and I have always wanted to shop at Walgreens, but I don't understand how it works and I'm too chicken too ask :)

Tara N. said...

Would love WW recipes.! Been on WW since March 11 and down 10.5lbs so far.