Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Shop at Walgreen's

I finally got a How To Walgreen's video done Sunday night - let me know if you have any more questions or your favorite tips in the comment section!


Medic said...

THANK YOU!!! I am a father of three looking to stretch our grocery budget as much as possible. This is possibly the best site I've found to pick up the fundamentals of couponing. I especially love the beginners scenarios. Please continue doing those. I'll probably use them even when I'm not a beginner anymore! 

Your site has a lot to offer and I'll be spending many hours here.

Bethany said...

thank you for your kind words and I'm so thankful to have you here on the site! Please let me know if I can answer any other questions or help you along your savings journey! thebigredot at gmail dot com.

Allysonpetty said...

Can you use more than one register reward per transaction?
Can you receive more than one register reward per transaction? 

Bethany said...

yes and yes :) Just make sure that you aren't paying with a Register Reward for the same item (don't pay with a $4 Schick Register Reward if you are buying another Schick) and just make sure you have the same number of items or fillers as you have register rewards AND coupons. So if you have 3 coupons for your three items and you also want to pay with 2 register rewards, make sure you have two fillers. I hope that helps!

Taylor. said...

I am in the NWA area and I am moving to the Tulsa area for college and I am going to be doing a internship that doesn't allow me to have a job. I am needed to start a stock pile for while I am there so that I will only have to shop when absolutely necessary for groceries. Where do I start? I have tons of coupons but I feel like they expire because I am always waitin on the right sale to get them free.