Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toluna Survey Panel - Taking Applicants!

I'm so excited that Toluna is open! Unlike the company yesterday, that I had never heard of, I actually use Toluna and have had great success out of them! This is the company that has sent me packages of diapers, full bottles of body wash and many other things to try and keep as well as paid me for my opinion of them afterward! Who wouldn't love a free package (or 3!) of diapers and then to get paid $15 to let them know if you liked them or not? :) Head over here to get started!


Sarah said...

Bethany, I signed up for Toluna but it bothered me that they ask for my address and phone number before every survey.  Has this been your experience? 

Bethany said...

Not that I can remember off hand but that doesnt mean it hasn't happened. I know that they do surveys for third party companies and maybe they are needing that information? I would email them and ask why - it may be a glitch in your account that can be fixed! Let me know what happens!