Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Check in

We're one week into the challenge and here's how I did:

It was really hard to stick to my plan at Kroger. Some women like to go to the mall, I like to go to Kroger. I'm happy to say that 23 of the 26 items I bought were fresh produce, dairy or grains! One of the biggest hits to my budget are Milk and Orange Juice. It's just something our family loves and goes through a lot. Also, we only buy Organic milk so that adds up. My three splurges? Two bags of Doritos for lunch (buy two get $1 off sale) and a box of Quaker Fruit and Cream oatmeal for hubs (down to 1.88 from $3.99).
Total for Kroger: $34.25 saved $14.99

We also have another grocery store here in town that has been having some GREAT sales lately. I got 2 cartons of eggs, 2 boxes of Life Cereal, 2 avocados, a jar of pickles and some lean ground beef all for only $11.52 saved $11.31

My last stop this past week was Target. We have a Super Target up the road and they are always much better about coupons than my local target. Here's what I got there: 2 boxes of Kashi Cereal, 2 packages of ponds cleansing wipes (free), beef stew meat (had a $3 off coupon attached), 2 lbs 93% lean ground beef and 3 bottles of Juicy Juice. Total at Target: $11.21 saved $21.74

CVS: Got 3 things of Glade fabric refresher and 1 package of Huggies. Total at CVS: $1.11 saved $23.96 and got $9 in ECB's back.

Total Spent for the week: $58.09
Saved: $81.21 or 58.4%

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Courtney said...

All we drink is organic milk too. It is quite expensive! BUT the experation dates are longer. Mikayla loves milk. I just get it in my cereal. lol

How funny is it I got a $2.00 off huggies coupon at CVS today but we don't use wipes but there was a lady behind me with them. So I let her use the coupon while I was still there on my card. Luckily our CVS is great with coupons.